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Introducing Simian Personal - choose the base model, mould, colour and more and we'll ship it to you anywhere in the world in 15 days.

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How it works

Hockey stick product selection is no longer limited by what the major brands choose to offer, or by what is stocked in the store - its your stick, so why shouldn't you have it how you choose?

Introducing Simian Personal - allowing you to personalise your Simian Zira Hockey stick, including base model, mould, colour, length and weight.

    • Products


    The Simian Personal range includes 4 base models: Elite, Club, Goalie and Indoor.

    We offer a wide variety of compositions and head shapes to choose from.

    Start by selecting which range of product you want and use this as a base for personalising your Hockey stick.

    • Mould


    Make your selection from a wide variety of popular moulds, including low, extreme, arch and standard bows.

    Our range includes moulds consistent with all of the popular moulds offered by other brands.

    Looking for a specific mould? Simply contact us and we can help you select your mould.

    • Colour


    Choose from a selection of stylish colours to make your Simian Zira stand out from the crowd, or perhaps
    the original Simian Zira grey?

    Can't see the exact colour that you want?

    Simian Personal sticks can be produced in any colour that you want - simply contact us.

    • Weight


    Light, medium or heavy - its your choice.

    Have a more specific requirement in terms of the weight? Just let us know…

    • Length


    Like your stick a little longer than the standard stick lengths available from the majority of brands?

    We have that covered too…

    All Simian Personal order sticks start out "uncut", with the longest length available being 39"- therefore we
    can offer you any length from 32" up to 39".

  • Model
  • Mould
  • Colour
  • Weight
  • Length

You design we build

Every Simian Hockey stick is hand-crafted, specifically for your personal order.

Simply select your base model and then colour in order to see what your stick could look like!

Dark Grey Senior Simian Zira Purple Senior Simian Zira Green Senior Simian Zira Turquoise Senior Simian Zira Red Senior Simian Zira Pink Senior Simian Zira Orange Senior Simian Zira Dark Green Senior Simian Zira Dark Blue Senior Simian Zira Blue Senior Simian Zira Dark Grey Goalie Simian Zira Purple Goalie Simian Zira Green Goalie Simian Zira Turquoise Goalie Simian Zira Red Goalie Simian Zira Pink Goalie Simian Zira Orange Goalie Simian Zira Dark Green Goalie Simian Zira Dark Blue Goalie Simian Zira Blue Goalie Simian Zira Dark Grey Indoor Simian Zira Purple Indoor Simian Zira Green Indoor Simian Zira Turquoise Indoor Simian Zira Red Indoor Simian Zira Pink Indoor Simian Zira Orange Indoor Simian Zira Dark Green Indoor Simian Zira Dark Blue Indoor Simian Zira Blue Indoor Simian Zira Dark Grey Junior Simian Zira Purple Junior Simian Zira Green Junior Simian Zira Turquoise Junior Simian Zira Red Junior Simian Zira Pink Junior Simian Zira Orange Junior Simian Zira Dark Green Junior Simian Zira Dark Blue Junior Simian Zira Blue Junior Simian Zira

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Available globally

Simian Personal is available to customers all over the world. Using our logistics network, we are able to ship right to your doorstep wherever you are - and shipping is included in all orders!

  • Worldwide shipping
  • Flat rate to all customers
  • Delivered within 15 days
  • Orders covered by our Returns policy
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Our aim is to keep the Simian Personal concept as simple, transparent and flexible as possible for you as a customer - if you can't find the answer to your question below, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions.

When can I place an order?
We are currently putting the finishing touches on our fulfilment system and are planning to start taking orders in Autumn 2014 - reserve your personalised Simian Zira now, and, to thank you, we will provide you with a 25% discount off your first order.
How long will it take to receive my order?
Once you place an order, we aim to have your personalised Simian Zira in your hands within 15 days.
Can I try the stick before I buy?
Whilst we are not currently able to send out samples, we are happy to put you in contact with Simian Zira owners in your region who will be happy to let you try their stick.
How much will it cost?
We are currently finalising our pricing structure and are aiming to have the personalised Simian Zira available at a comparable price point to the current Simian Zira - and thats including shipping to anywhere in the world!
How much will shipping cost?
The price of shipping your stick to anywhere in the world will be included in the total price, no matter where in the world that you live.
What is your returns policy?

Faulty Goods

It is our experience that if a stick is defective it will become apparent within the first two weeks of use. We will repair or replace a stick that is broken during normal play. Examples of a broken stick are a shaft broken in two pieces or head that has detached.

All Simian hockey sticks purchased are guaranteed against breakage for a period of 60 days from the date of purchase.

If an item is delivered faulty or becomes faulty through normal use then the following action needs to be taken in the first instance by the customer:

- Take photos of the stick (as many as possible to assist us in identifying whether the issue is likely to be covered by our guarantee)

- Send the photos in an email to with your name, phone number, date of purchase and a description of the problem

Once received, if Simian Hockey agrees that the product is faulty, we will arrange with you to exchange the stick.

- For purchases under 14 days old, we will exchange the faulty item 100% at our expense

- For purchases over 14 days old but less than 60 days old, the customer will be responsible for postage charges of the faulty stick, whilst Simian Hockey will cover the charges to send a replacement stick to the customer

Please note: We are unable to replace any stick where the 60 day period has lapsed.

We do not offer refunds for faulty sticks, but will always ensure that the replacement product is of the same colour, mould and model of your original purchase - where this is not possible, we will provide a replacement of equal or greater value.

Conditions not covered:

Paint chips, scratches, superficial cracks, unravelling grip, cracks in the label, worn stick heel, or loose particles inside the composite’s interior, rattles, vibration, or any other result of normal use. For these issues we will offer helpful suggestions, but none of these will negatively affect the play of the product.

While the current FIH rules allow reverse edge hitting, our warranty DOES NOT cover this. If you hit the ball with this area of the stick, you do so entirely at your own risk.

Please contact us with any queries.
What if I want a colour/mould not shown on the website?
We say "Not a problem" - If you can't see the exact mould that you are looking for, or want your stick personalised in a colour that is not shown, just get in touch and let us know and we can arrange it.

About Simian

Simian Hockey is a company of hockey players working to create the best equipment for hockey players. Established in 2011, as an alternative to the larger corporate hockey equipment companies, Simian Hockey is for hardworking, hard playing urban hockey amateurs and professionals.

Dedicated to creating a higher order of equipment.